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About the Photograher

Thank you for visiting Raymaker Photography. My name is Paul Raymaker and I'm a Minnesota-based photographer shooting nature and conservation photography for over 10 years. 

Growing up in a small town in Wisconsin, I traveled to the western US on family vacations, learning to appreciate this country's great beauty. Then, in 2003, I discovered nature photography when I spent a summer in the mountains of Colorado. Since then, my love for the art has increased exponentially.

Now, photography is my passion and much of my focus gets put into it.  My goal is to show others what beauty I have been lucky enough to witness, with the end result being that people care more for where they live.

When shooting, I use careful technique to capture quality, exceptionally clean, detailed images, right down to the individual pixel. My photographs always maintain integrity and have not been edited in a way that adds or subtracts subject matter. All images of wildlife in my galleries are of truly wild animals; not captive animals in zoos or game farms. My intent is to make my images look as near to what I see in real life as possible.

For the the past 6 years I've been providing imagery and writing to non-profit conservation organizations. You can see some of the articles and projects I’ve worked on my Conservation page.  If you're interested in working with me on a conservation project, please contact me through the CONTACT form in the menu bar.

Thank you again for visiting my website, I appreciate your time. Please visit again and be sure to check back for updates to my Newest Releases and News sections! Feel free to Email me from my CONTACT page in the menu bar!

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